Green is met with a stare as he listens to all of this, and he’s been watching him ever since he went to the PC, eyes running over his stance. Well, MarioKart is always decent. I’ll probably have to go get it, like he said. I think I have…some money… He absently runs a hand over his shirt pockets and his jeans to make sure that yes, there is some money around. And why is he so intent on keeping me around? It’s not like I’d leave anyway, not at this rate. Eevee’s good company. As he thinks this, he coaxes her into his lap, scratching behind her ears.

I wonder where he has to go…

“Okay.” A simple response. “Where are you going?” That’s the most important thing on his mind, even as Pikachu climbs up on his shoulder, on top of his head, pushing his hat down over his eyes. “I have money. … … … … You’ll be back, right?” I hope he gets back. If I can get that game, we can play together. Maybe I can stay the night.

That’d be nice.

This is going to be a little more complicated than Green thought. Red is asking him where he’s going specifically. He’d hoped the other teen wouldn’t; that teaches him to hope much of anything. He sighs.

"I’m gonna pay a friend a visit," he responds quietly. "In Lavender Town. Yeah, I’ll be back." He isn’t really too enthused about telling his friend who it is he’s visiting and why it’s so important that he does. He didn’t even tell his grandfather about it. He just can’t help but think that they’d regard him as a failure if he even dared to utter what it is.

Eevee’s ears lift at the melancholy that had begun to overwhelm her trainer, and she lets out a small “vui, vui” in response, a small chirp of condolences. He hears, and he nods, but it doesn’t change anything. He knows that she’s gone through just as much because of this as he has.

"Don’t follow me," he continues suddenly. He turns to Red, his hands shoved into his pockets, his head lowered. I can’t have you come with me. Just go to Viridian and deal with those nutjobs. This is really important. I’ll… I’ll explain someday. But not today. "Smell ya later."

And with that, he trots out the door, leaving Red alone with only his Eevee as sign he’d ever been there.


“……..I needed him. I didn’t have any other choice.” Silver looked down. He wasn’t proud of what he did. Nor he wanted to do it again.

"Now don’t feed me that. You could’a just, you know, asked the professor to have him. It’s not like you have to pay a fee to get those Pokémon or anything.” Being the grandson of a professor himself had its benefits. He knew how the whole song and dance went several times over. “But whatever, I’m not gonna give you too much flack about it because Feraligatr doesn’t seem to hate you.

"That’s all I want, for you to treat your Pokémon right." And not do what I did. I was such an idiot…


“…..Of course he is. I know how to take care of my pokemons. Get out, Feraligatr.”

Feraligatr, who was now fully evolved, got out of his pokeball, blinking and staring curiously at Green.

Green looked up at the face of the reptilian and whistled.

"Yep, I’d say he’s fine with you."

Eevee moved around from her perch on the gym leader’s shoulder and peered up fearlessly into the eyes of the larger, blinking, before twitching an ear in greeting.

"That’s Eevee. I battle with her too."

She nodded, stretching her paws forward against her trainer’s shoulder.

"What made you steal ‘im, anyway?"

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“How does everyone know that already!?” He frowned. It was true he had already apologized for it, but it annoyed him that people were still talking about that.

"Don’t steal if you don’t wanna be well-known for it, especially if you steal from a professor.” Still, Green decided he’d cut the kid some slack. After all, that was a while back and who knew what changes had overcome the other?

Didn’t mean he was going to battle him, but maybe he could stop giving him a hard time about that.

"The one you stole. Is it doin’ all right?"

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